Is your current vending machine service giving you…

  • Vending machines that are not working properly or that break-down on a regular basis?
  • Outdated drinks, snacks, or other products?
  • Same old candy and soda in your snack machines week after week?
  • Vending truck drivers that have a bad attitude, giving you bad vending service, or just don’t care?

Maybe you need to change your vending service!

Hi, my name is Rance Kleiber, owner of All American Vending, a leading vending machine company in Central Indiana. If you are having problems with your snack, drink, frozen food and/or coffee vending machine business, please give me a call.

We Offer…

  • Modern equipment with top of the line electronics for reliable vending machine operation.
  • We do regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on all our business vending machines to reduce equipment down time. If our equipment is in need of vending service or repair, we will respond same day, and within hours in most cases.
  • Our route drivers are certified. Part of their training includes checking the freshness dates on all drinks and snacks in our vending machines and rotating them as needed.
  • We have route supervisors who check your location every month, sooner if needed, for inspection of the snack machine for cleanliness and proper stocking.
  • We will do whatever it takes to meet your needs. We service and refill each location on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly schedule.
  • We offer you a choice of the products available, and we also change the mix in the snack machines and food machines to give a better variety.
  • Best of all, you can make big commisions with little or no effort.

We won’t take you for granted — our goal is for you to take us for granted!
Call me at 317-260-8050 for information.